Requirements as the customer:

You will need a simcard with an active data plan (& a call plan to use some of the other features).

A subscription to the app (if purchasing a LoLexi watch which doesn't include this).

Buy a PAYGO Simcard. The Simcard size you require is the middle size (micro sim). Usually the network providers use what is called a triple sim, so it can be broken down in to the appropriate size for the device it is to be used with.

Please check the network provider’s website to ensure they have good coverage for the location the watch will be used. We currently use the 48 network (in Ireland), they have an offer for €10.99 which includes 100GB of data, unlimited calls & sms.

It’s a lot more than the watch would ever use, but it’s a great deal compared to what some of the other providers offer & cheaper too. You can use our referral link here: here

If you take out a plan using the referral link we both receive a 1 month free plan. (Don’t feel obliged to use it though, or that you have to use the 48 network!)

The White & Yellow LoLexi watches are pre-registered with the mobile app.

Download the app here

Insert your simcard into the watch.

Go outdoors with the watch (you need a clear line of sight to the sky)

Open the mobile app, enter the phone number of the watch, enter your phone number as the parent & follow the onscreen instructions to complete the set up.

All GPS trackers have limitations and should not be solely relied on, as trackers need both Satellite signal and GSM signal to operate effectively.